Mrs. Daum's class sends notes to North Pole

KNOX Mrs. Nancy Daum's first-graders have sent the following letters to Santa:

Dear Santa, I hope covid19 ded not tuc the Nort Plo. I have ben good this yeyr. I want a skootr that is red. I am goeng to lev some cookes out for you. Love, Trey

Dear Santa, Hello; I love you! I hope you are good and you have a nice christmas. I lost 4 teeththis year. you are the best man ever! i was a good boy this year! me and my dog kimber are brothers. Kimber and Harley are my pets. do you have a pet that looks like christmas? I wantJohn cena and a reseling ring and a elekrik scooter for christmas please. Love, Carter

Dear Santa, My name is Twila. I lost 3 teef and I hav a wigglley one. I hope you sed hor elff bak to my hose. We all miss Jack. This yer may I plese hav a makeup tabell and a hatchamill and hi heels like my cusin. I will make you cookis and carrost for the randeer. Thank you Santa. From, Twila

Dear Santa, How is Rudalf? i have been a good boy. This year i got a new baby cusin. I got good grads on my report card. May I plese have rattle snake Jake game and Mario legos. Will you give my sister a Na Na Na surprise doll. I hope you love my Crismas cookes I made for you. My elvs have fun. From, Mitchell Bell

Dear Santa, Haw are your ranbeer? what are your elfs names? I have been tring to be good. All Iwant for christmas is a new born and lps sets and jenga and I want to go back to shcool. Can you brieng Lokl a dog toy. Love, Brooke guy

Dear Santa, My name is Farrah and I am 6 yers old. I lernd how to do a hand stand from Madison my frend. How are you doing? I hope you are not sick. Will you plese bring me a balins beam this yer? Also a flippin bar. Plese bring my nana a new Bible. My daddy needs a new hunting hat that has dears on it. I will leve you milk and cookees on my tabl. I will leve a carrit for the randeer. I will sing happy birthday to Jesus. I love you Santa. Love, Farrah Himes

Dear Santa, How are the raindeer? For christmas I want to spend time with my family and make cookies. I have beena good boy this year I helped my mom put dishes away. I cant wait for christmas. From, Jesse Keen

Dear Santa, How ora you doing? I wunt a no cot and a dol and a cor. and i wil lef ot koces Love, kylie

Dear Santa, How have you been? I have been good this year. i wood like a na na doll and an lol doll. And wood you bring my cats some catnip. Love, Luna

Dear Santa, I am reley good. I like to ride my bike santa.I whunt to knoe how you are doin? I whunt a who would win killr whall vs the great white shark. I whunt a komodo dragon stufd amnumol. I whut more legos. have a safe trip. Love, Jeremy

Dear Santa Claus, I want a hoverboard,a pear of head phones,and a pack of nails and thats all i want.. I want to thank you santa and i will be good thank you santa i really dont want coal. Malaya Blair