North Clarion students ‘adopt a grandparent' for Valentine's Day

FRILLS CORNERS Due to the pandemic, retirement homes have been unable to receive visitors for almost a year. North Clarion PTO had this in mind when they decided to create a special event called, "adopt a grandparent," where families and students could donate money to send fun gifts to the retirement communities.

All the students from North Clarion kindergarten through sixth-grade participated and were asked to make homemade Valentine cards in their classroom. For the past few years, a scaled down version of this event has happened, but this year the PTO made it extra special.

The PTO made a list of items such a single wooden rose, a vase of wooden roses, stuffed animals or any item a person would like to provide as a donation for this event. The list was sent to the community members and many sent in word search books and pencils as well stuffed animals too.

The North Clarion PTO was able to raise over $600 for this cause and provided it to the community and was able to provide the following gifts to all the residents at the following three locations:

4Clarion Water Run - where 42 residents each enjoyed word search books with Valentine pencils, a stuffed animal and a wooden rose or a vase of wooden roses, they also received homemade Valentines from the children at North Clarion Elementary;

4Guardian in Shippenville where 74 residents each received a stuffed animal, homemade Valentine cards and wooden roses for each resident; and

4Country Springs in Sligo where 59 residents received: word search books, wooden flowers or a vase of flowers, as well as stuffed animals and homemade Valentine cards

The North Clarion PTO members as well as the students wanted to make people in the retirement homes smile and brighten up their Valentine's Day.