Keystone SMILES returns to West Forest

West Forest Elementary students (from left) Evelyn Lesko and Abrielle Summerville are ready to take their turn maneuvering through the Keystone SMILES obstacle course wearing their fitted helmets for safety purposes.

TIONESTA - West Forest Elementary first- and second-graders had an opportunity to ride pedal bikes and learn the basic rules of the road from the return visit of Keystone SMILES of Knox. At this event, each student was fitted with a new bike helmet to use all summer.

In preparation for this event Keystone SMILES set up an obstacle course with road signs, crosswalks, pediatricians and other bike riders.

To begin this adventure, the students are first fitted with a bike helmet; next they are given a brief lesson about road signs and then directions to riding the pedal bike and the course.

Finally, the best part is to ride on the obstacle course and follow the road signs. In the course there are three paths the children can follow to learn the different signs.

During this program the children learned to stop, yield, merge and to be aware of others riding. The students needed to watch for others stopping ahead of them or riding faster or slower than them on the course.

The students were so excited to be outside and learning a new skill. They were very thankful to have a new helmet and the opportunity to learn to ride. Each year this is an exciting activity for the students.