East Forest posts awards

MARIENVILLE East Forest High School students received awards and scholarships at the recent awards day ceremony held on June 1.

The following students were recognized:

Valedictorian?: Tessa Korchak

Salutatorian?: Luke Cussins

Lions Club Scholarship: Taylor Andrews and Luke Cussins

English Award: Tessa Korchak

Katie M. Edmondson Memorial Scholarship: Tessa Korchak

Marsha L. Beichner Memorial Scholarship: Luke Cussins

William E. Snyder Scholarship: Tessa Korchak

Veteran's Club Scholarship: Taylor Andrews

Alumni Scholarship: Taylor Andrews, Tyler Bowen, Luke Cussins, Tessa Korchak and Cheyenne Swartz

Veteran's Club Military Recognition: Jonathan Higgins

National Guard Military Recognition Award: Jonathan Higgins

Military Service Recognition Award Blue Star Mothers: Jonathan Higgins

Sports Booster Scholarship Awards: Taylor Andrews, Luke Cussins and Tessa Korchak

Xerox Award for Technology: Dominic Drake

KSAC Scholar Athletic Scholarship: Tessa Korchak and Luke Cussins

Soccer Scholarship: Luke Cussins

Male Athlete of the Year Award: Cameron Whisner

Female Athlete of the Year Award: Megan Clow

Male Sportsmanship Award: Luke Cussins

Female Sportsmanship Award: Taylor Andrews

Lenna Chips Award: Luke Cussins

DAR Good Citizenship Award: Taylor Andrews

Sen. Scott Hutchinson Good Citizenship Award: Tyler Bowen and Brandon Healy

Rochester NY Susan B. Anthony/Frederick Douglas Humanities Award: Desaray Fox

East Forest Faculty Scholarship: Taylor Andrews

Bausch and Lomb Science Award: Corbin Micale

Excellence in Chemistry Award: Desaray Fox

19th Amendment Essay Contest Award: Tessa Korchak

Holy Redeemer Parish Scholarship: Tessa Korchack

National School Choral Award: Taylor Andrews

John Phillip Sousa Band Award: Tessa Korchak

ACS Mini Relay for Life Awards: Taylor Andrews, Tyler Bowen, Luke Cussins, Tessa Korchak, Eoghan Montgomery, Taylor Oliver, Ryan Parrett, Daniel Thompson, Olivia Thompson, Jonathan Traugott and Londan Werts

Most Dedicated Educator Award: Sherry Shaftic

Top 25 Academic Students: Tessa Korchak, Kenzie Kopchick, Harmony Fike, Kaylie Rooke, Luke Cussins, Lauren Geraci, Kendra Carroll, Olivia Thompson, Shelby Nelson, Corbin Micale, Taylor Andrews, Christina Micale, Ashleigh Styen, Ryan Parrett, Aletta Summers, Cameron Whisner, Londan Werts, Jayleigh Cochran, Cheyenna Swartz, Haleigh Tebay, Aurora Bauer, Megan Clow, Ethan Adkins, Angel Toth and Thomas Rossey

Presidential Education Gold Award:

Grade 12

Taylor Andrews, Luke Cussins and Tessa Korchak

Grade 11

Corbin Micale

Grade 10

Shelby Nelson

Grade 9

Harmony Fike, Kenzie Kopchick and Olivia Thompson

Grade 8

Kendra Carroll and Kaylie Rooke

Grade 7

Lauren Geraci, Christina Micale and Aletta Summers

Presidential Education Silver Award:

Grade 12

Tyler Bowen, Joshua Claypoole, Brandon Healy, Timothy Rossey, Cheyenna Swartz, Londan Werts and Cameron Whisner

Grade 11

Dominic Drake, Desaray Fox, Eoghan Montgomery, Tessa Rodgers and Jonathan Traugott

Grade 10

Xandria Burchfield, Cameron Marzzarella and Ryan Parrett

Grade 9

Megan Clow and Ashleigh Styen

Grade 8

Taylor Oliver

Grade 7

Jayleigh Cochran, Jacob Healy, Logan Melego, Kira Stinner and Peighton Trout

Student Council Awards:

President: Taylor Andrews; vice president: Tessa Korchak; secretary/treasurer: Desaray Fox


Grade 12

Luke Cussins, Franklin Meals, Kasidy Robinson and Cheyenna Swartz

Grade 11

David McCullough, Tessa Rodgers, Catherine Rossey, Catherine Rossey and Jonathan Traugott

Grade 10

Eliana Beatty, Shaylee Carbaugh, Declan McLaughlin and Ryan Parrett

Grade 9

Megan Clow, Kenzie Kopchick, Thomas Rossey and Olivia Thompson

Grade 8

Jacob Cotherman, Taylor Oliver, Kendra Carroll and Matthew Zeigler

Grade 7

Jacob Healy, Logan Melego, Christina Micale and Aletta Summers