‘Mussel man' returns to West Forest 19

Philip Mathias visited Mr. Hale’s Trout Crew on Wednesday, Dec. 4. He explained how his company removed thousands of mussels prior to the construction of the new Hunter Station Bridge. His presentation showed the life cycle of the mussels in the Allegheny River. The students learned that the larvae of mussels use fish as hosts, including trout. Each student was able to inspect various types of mussels. The teacher and students would like to thank East Forest Principal, Deb Arner, for making their “Trout Crew” shirts. Those in attendance at the mussel presentation were (front row from left) Morgan, Kiarra, Nora, Giannah, Izabella and Kayley and (back row) Philip Mathias, Brayden, Cameron, Devious, Gabe, Nick, Ryan and Mr. Hale.

‘Mussel man' returns to West Forest