West Forest hosts senior awards program

TIONESTA West Forest High School students received awards and scholarships at the recent academic awards program held on June 3.

The following students were recognized:

Valedictorian?: Jennifer Lander

Salutatorian?: Raymond Rakes

Salutatorian?: Telford Kunselman, III

National Honor Society: Anna Culver, Nicola Gigliotti, Julian Gillenwater; Kathryn Johnston; Maylynn Mlakar; Hunter Turba; Jessica Wagner; Penny Wagner; Logan Carll and Darcie Maul

American Red Cross Scholarship: Belle Ralston

Titusville Moose No. 84 Scholarship: Morgan Miller

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 334: Belle Ralston

Lions Club Academic Scholarship: Jennifer Lander

Lions Club Vocational Scholarship: Noah Burke

Haller's Scholarship: Destiny Ginnery

The Hills in the Forest Scholarship: Kathryn Johnston

Titusville Area Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship: Morgan Miller

Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Maylynn Mlakar

Bausch and Lomb Science Award: Hunter Turba

Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Humanities and Social Science Award: Jessica Wagner

George Eastman Young Leader Award: Penny Wagner

DAR Good Citizen Award: Daniel Schwab

Drama Club Awards: Best actor- Logan Niederriter; best supporting actor- Jeff Bayle; best actress- Aaliyah Sumosky; and best supporting actress- Nautica Sharp

Sportsperson of the Year: Allen Johnston and Jennifer Lander

Athletes of the Year: Noah Burke and Jessica Wagner

Sports Boosters Scholarships: Noah Burke and Morgan Miller

Soccer Scholarship: Noah Burke

Presidential Excellence Silver Awards:

Grade 7

Jaydon Smith, Kaylyn Beichner and Kiley Oliver

Grade 8

Amber Guzzi and Hailey Greenlee

Grade 9

Antonio Martinez

Grade 10

Aaliyah Sumosky and Allen Johnston

Grade 11

Brett Banks, Elliott Eisenman, Penny Wagner, Sabastian Campbell and Sabrina Meeks

Grade 12

Chelsey Johnson, Destiny Ginnery, Jacob Flick, Mitchell McWilliams, Morgan Miller, Nicola Gigliotti, Selina Martinez and Thomas Fleming, Jr.

Presidential Excellence Gold Awards:

Grade 7

Amara Adkins, Colter Bayle, Dillon Isovitsch, Harley Ellenberger and Zachary Carll

Grade 8

Faith Dietrich, Izabelle Flick, Jessica Culver, Jordon Kostenbauder, Katie Salsgiver and Tori Brown

Grade 9

Jeffrey Bayle, III and Logan Niederriter

Grade 10

Darcie Maul and Logan Carll

Grade 11

Anna Culver, Hunter Turba, Jessica Wagner and Maylynn Mlakar

Grade 12

Belle Ralston, Jennifer Lander, Julian Gillenwater, Kathryn Johnston, Noah Burke and Telford Kunselman, III

College Credits Earned: Kathryn Johnston, Anna Culver, Hunter Turba, Jessica Wagner, Penny Wagner, Julian Gillenwater, Destiny Ginnery, Jennifer Lander, Telford Kunselman, III, Morgan Miller and Belle Ralston

National Technology Honor Society: Penny Wagner and Dylan Saxton

List of Excellence Award Vo-Tech: Brett Banks

Russell M. Smith Scholarship: Belle Ralston and Morgan Miller