WFGC donates book to Sligo school 20

Sligo Elementary School Principal Tom Minich (in back)recently received two books for the schoolfrom the Wildflower Garden Club Leeper members Dee Fry (front left) and Jeanie McLaine (not pictured). The student helpers are (front from left) Micah Kindel, Andrew Kifer and Emma Kifer. The books are entitled: “We Are the Gardeners” and is written by Joanna Gaines. The Wildflower Garden Club works to promote and educate all aspects of gardening and environmental awareness to all ages. The Wildflower Garden Club meets monthlyfrom February through November at the Tylersburg United Methodist Church. Membership is open to all individuals after attending two meetings and payment of annual dues.

WFGC donates to Sligo Elementary