Prayer is the answer to COVID-19

Once again, it is my privilege as well as my pleasure to address the readership of this area on a subject which is germane to those of religious faith, be it a Christian denomination or perhaps some who are not of the Christian faith, but may still be counted among those who we would recognize as "believers."

To all of these people grace and peace from God our Father and from our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I feel it would be fair to say when a clerical person writes an article for a newspaper or other publication, it needs to be structured on an issue or a subject which could be considered to be of wide general interest.

I would guess there is no subject of more interest and certainly concern than the current pandemic known as the "COVID-19 virus." For weeks now, we all have been hammered with news about this horrible virus which has seemingly come out of nowhere and now is keeping our society on edge not only here but around our entire county and the world.

Some people may feel or think that the advent of this disease on such a wide front has something to do with the wish of God to punish mankind for some kind of a failure, or lack of reverence for the Christian God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I might say I personally would not subscribe to this position.

I have been in the ordained Christian ministry for over 50 years. My current situation is that I am still an ordained clergy person in the denomination I represent.

I still, when it is available, do what is generally described as "supply work," and I have probably greeted many of you in person at one time or another.

I am always happy to exchange thoughts and prayers with other Christians whether they are of my particular denomination or not. As I sometimes note, I have been in the ordained ministry of my branch of the Christian faith for over 50 years.

I have degrees from undergraduate and graduate institutions. Even given all of this and the fact that my official designation is "retired," I am still very much a part of the living, human race trying to find my way and offer my service such as it is to my Lord.

I certainly do not have an answer to this most difficult problem in our vast society. To those who are currently ill, or have friends and family members who are currently ill, may I pray to almighty God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that you and yours may be healed in the most rapid and sensible way possible.

For our society in general, may we all hope and pray that if there is a cure for this horrible malady, it can and will be found soon.

In the meantime, and even after the cure is found and put into use, may the faith of all of the Christians be increased and made stronger. Let us all hope when we go to bed at night and silently pray for members of our immediate families and those far and wide, we may be assured by almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ, that all is well. And no more people will be affected and those who are affected may in the assurance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may surely be healed.

May almighty God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ richly bless one and all, amen.n

(Canon Lowrey is a retired Priest of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania.)

Prayer is the answer to COVID-19 by Canon Lowrey072320