He leads one step at a time

In Psalm 37:23, "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighteth in his way."

A beautiful chorus that may be a link to victory is Dr. Sidney Cox's "One Step at a Time."

The words to this song are:

One step at a time, only one step at a time

This is the way the Lord will lead you, one step at a time

Take that one step carefully; walk that one step prayerfully

This is the way to victory, one step at a time.

If steps of a good man or woman are ordered by the Lord and if we take that one step at a time, victory will come. Wow! That's deep, yet very simple.

Here are some basic points to illustrate this truth:

4One step at a time causes us to win over problems. Wanting a huge magical formula, and of course without delay we tend to feel cheated when given just one measly step to take.

Disparage the advice of a solution that is easy, we gravitate to wanting a solution that is complex. One we are not sure about (unable to follow) and in our one-track mind admire while we keep failing.

We spend a lifetime wanting to lose or gain weight, pay our debts, do that something special, make that extra effort, initiate that task, or begin that long awaited New Year resolution (feeling pressure from within) and as a result, fail to complete anything because we never took that first step.

Remember, one step at a time is all it takes and for that matter, is all God wants. For no true success is built overnight but with toil and labor, struggling toward that goal, through one step at a time.

4One step at a time will help us win over worry. Hard to believe, but true is that some of us love a difficult solution, despising those that offer a seemingly simple way, wanting to wring our hands. Figure that one out.

Insulted and maybe offended, we feel our problem is not being understood when given one step to take. How am I going to get my work done? This is a question I ask at times.

And yes, I'm reluctant to say and will fret wondering how everything will get done. Since God knows best if I take one step at a time, my small problem (although big to me) becomes less a burden and worry.

4One step at a time will help teach us. Not only will one step at a time help teach us, but it is the only way to teach.

Try telling a child to do something, but not giving him one small and easy task at a time. I'm sure the gray hair will come sooner than you expected. Speaking from experience I know what I'm talking about.

Because of stress, some carrying more of a load than others, we can only process one step at a time, a decreased attention span, unable to focus on the present a problem that is very common.

4Make your resolutions one step at a time. "Lord, I promise, I will do this, this, and this, starting at this time," many have said, only to come short of their expectations. Frustrated with their failure, folks throw in the towel and usually forget about any additional attempt for accomplishment.

This approach, "One Step at a Time," will work in any area of life. Just try and even if a task seems impossible, it can be conquered through this easy solution.

Just follow the words of Dr. Sidney Cox's chorus recited at the beginning of this column and you will see it's true.

Did God make everything in one day? He could have but instead "One step at a time." Set your goals within reach and simply take one step at a time.

(Rob Hranicky is pastor of Bethel Baptist Church of Sligo.)