Lenten daily prayers

For Thursday, first week of Lent:

Lord, I'm not always eager to do your will. I'd often much rather do my own will. Please be with me on this Lenten journey

and help me to remember

that your own spirit can guide me in the right direction.

I want to "fix" my weaknesses but the task seems overwhelming. But I know that with your help, anything can be done.

With a grateful heart,

I acknowledge your love

and know that without you, I can do nothing.

For Friday, first week of Lent:

Creator of my Life, renew me: bring me to new life in you. Touch me and make me feel whole again. Help me to see your love

in the passion, death and resurrection of your son.

Help me to observe Lent in a way that allows me to celebrate that love. Prepare me for these weeks of Lent as I feel both deep sorrow for my sins and your undying love for me.

For Saturday, first week of Lent:

Loving God, Sometimes my heart turns in every direction except towards you. Please help me to turn my heart toward you, to gaze upon you in trust and to seek your kingdom with all of my heart.

Soften my hardened heart so that I might love others as a way to glorify and worship you.

Grant me this with the ever-present guidance of your spirit.

For Sunday, second week of Lent:

Loving God, there is so much darkness in my life and I hide from you. Take my hand and lead me out of the shadows of my fear.

Help me to change my heart. Bring me to your truth and help me to respond to your generous love. Let me recognize the fullness of your love which will fill my life. Free me from the darkness in my heart.

For Monday, second week of Lent:

Lord, your commandment of love is so simple and so challenging. Help me to let go of my pride, to be humble in my penance.

I want only to live the way you ask me to love,

to love the way you ask me to live. I ask this through your son, Jesus, who stands at my side today and always.

For Tuesday, second week of Lent:

God in heaven and in my life, guide me and protect me. I so often believe I can save myself and I always end in failure. Lead me with your love away from harm and guide me on the right path.

May your Spirit inspire the Church and make us an instrument of your love

and guidance. Thank you for your care for me.