Alpha Assembly of God acquires new pastor

Pastor John and Sandy Kuert

Alpha Assembly of God acquires new pastor

CLARION Pastor John and Sandy Kuert are new to Clarion and have recently become the lead pastors of Alpha Assembly of God.

Together they have invested their lives in ministry to help people experience a dynamic relationship to God which leads to living life with meaning and purpose.

John's undergraduate workwas completed at the University of Valley Forge. He earned a master's degree in biblical literature at AGTS as well as a master's degree in human services counseling with an emphasis on addictions and recovery from Liberty University.

Sandy received a Bachelor of Science in education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and earned a Master of Arts degree in human services with an emphasis on marriage and family from Liberty University.

They have been blessed with a family that includes their daughter, Lisa and her husband, Jeff; their son, Jonathan and his wife, Elissa; andfour grandchildren.

It's their desire to be a blessing to the church family at Alpha Assembly of God and to the people of Clarion.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Sunday morning service at 10:30 a.m. The church is located at 499 Grand Avenue Extended in Clarion.

They are sure that "Sundays at Alpha will make a difference in your week."