Criminal charges filed:

lLynn Marie Texter, 39, Knox.

Charged with simple assault, a first degree misdemeanor; and harassment, a summary offense, at 9:21 a.m. Oct. 4 in Beaver Township.

Trooper Joshua McGinnis was dispatched to a residence located at 120 Knox Commons for a physical altercation reported to state police dispatch by a crisis worker completing a follow up visit at the residence.

Once on scene, McGinnis observed the victim standing outside with fresh scratch marks on her right side cheek and jawbone area. The skin was broken and blood was coming from the wound.

The victim related that her aunt, Lynn Texter, had caused the injury during a physical altercation they had.

McGinnis then spoke with Texter. Texter allegedly related she did slap the victim in the face and also caused the wound to the victims cheek area, because she has "long nails."

McGinnis then spoke with the crisis worker, who allegedly related that Texter did give the victim the wound on her face.

At an Oct. 15 session of Clarion County Central Court, Lynn Texter pleaded guilty to summary harassment and all other charges were withdrawn. Fine and costs total $461.

lLaura Texter, 56, Knox.

Charged with three counts of aggravated assault, which are first and second degree felonies; four counts of simple assault, all second degree misdemeanors, two counts of recklessly endangerment, both second degree misdemeanors; resisting arrest, a second degree misdemeanor; and four counts of harassment, all summary offenses, on Oct. 5 in Beaver Township.

Trooper Matthew L. Lingle was dispatched to 332 Grace Road in Knox relative to an active domestic violence situation between family members.

Upon arrival, Lingle and Cpl. Scott Yockey observed Texter outside the residence. Texter was physically harassing the victims as the officers arrived on scene.

Victim one allegedly related Texter had attacked him with a knife and bit him.

Victim two allegedly related he was attempting to stop Texter when Texter hit him in the left side rib area with the knife three times, causing marks.

Victim three allegedly related she was also attempting to stop the fighting when Texter clawed her face with her fingernails, causing marks to victim three's face.

Victim three also allegedly related Texter had shoved and punched her in the face several times.

As Texter was being placed under arrest, she intentionally kicked Yockey several times, allegedly relating she wanted to kick him in his face.