CLARION - A 47-year-old Knox man was sentenced Jan. 6 to serve no less than six months and no more than two years minus one day in the county jail threatening to harm several people, including a woman with whom he was having a "long term relationship."

Clarion County Judge Sara Seidle-Patton passed sentence on Shawn Michael Reedy after he entered guilty pleas to a charge of making terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another, a first-degree misdemeanor; intimidating a witness or victim, a second-degree misdemeanor; defiant trespass, a third-degree misdemeanor; and possession of a prohibited offensive weapon, a misdemeanor.

Reedy attended the sentencing hearing via remote access from the Clarion County Jail.

Clarion County Public Defender Jacob Roberts said Reedy was going through a "dark time" and had a "breakdown."

Roberts said the term "pipe bomb" was more sinister than it actually was and the accusation Reedy was "brandishing a firearm" was never proven. He asserted all of the cases involved a woman who reedy had a "long term relationship with."

Seidle-Patton sentenced Reedy on the intimidation charge. On the remaining charges the judge ordered Reedy to serve one year on probation for an aggregate sentence of three years.

In addition, Reedy must pay the cost of prosecution and pay fines and fees associated with his case. He will get credit for 68 days he has already served in the county jail.

The charges stemmed from three incidents in late August and early September in 2020.

According to court records on Aug. 24, 2020, the state police responded to a domestic incident in Beaver Township. A female victim had reportedly been receiving "non-stop calls, voicemails, and texts" from Reedythreatening to harm and kill her and her family.

Following an incident at a wedding where Reedy was involved in a fight with multiple males at the event, Reedy sent his daughter a message stating he would "take them out (himself) for what they did to him."

Reedy also reportedly left a voicemail on the victim's phone saying, "Enjoy the last few minutes of your life." He continued to call, text, and leave voicemails on the victim's phone while the victim was being interviewed by police.

According to another criminal complaint, on Aug. 24, 2020, a domestic incident occurred between Reedy and the female victim during which Reedy allegedly threatened to kill the victim.

The complaint states the victim returned to the residence on Aug. 26, 2020, and located a bag just inside the entrance door to the residence.

The bag allegedly contained three homemade pipe bombs and a .45-caliber pistol belonging to Reedy.

According to a criminal complaint, around 1 a.m. on Sept. 2, 2020,Clarion-based state police were dispatched to a residence on Tippecanoe Road in Beaver Township for a report of a protection from abuse order violation.

The female victim who reported Reedy had come to her residence around midnight. The victim said she had a PFA order against Reedy, and he was not permitted at her residence.

According to the complaint, the victim told police Reedy broke into her residence and came into her bedroom naked carrying a hunting rifle. The victim told police Reedy looked like he was going to kill her, but never actually pointed the rifle at her.