Criminal charges filed:

lPark David Lutton Jr., 44, Darlington.

Charged with propulsion of missiles into an occupied vehicle or onto the roadway, a first degree misdemeanor; recklessly endangering another person, a second degree misdemeanor; and harassment, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, restrictions on use of limited access highways, overtaking a vehicle on the right, driving on roadways laned for traffic, reckless driving, careless driving, and depositing waste on highway property, all summary offenses, on July 11 in Richland Township.

Tpr. Robert S. Hageter Jr. was notified by Tpr. Dylan Jones on July 12 of an incident which occurred in the afternoon on July 11.

Jones told Hageter he had been driving home the previous afternoon while in his personal vehicle when a tractor-trailer driver threw a can of liquid into the side of his vehicle, striking a pillar and window.

Jones also told Hageter the tractor-trailer had tried to force him off the roadway.

Jones related he was traveling on Interstate 80 westbound when he came upon a tractor-trailer driving slower than the flow of traffic in the left lane. Jones related there was no traffic in the right lane and traffic was starting to back up behind him, so he moved to the right lane and passed the tractor-trailer. Jones then moved back into the left lane at which time another tractor-trailer in the distance ahead moved from the right lane into the left lane.

As Jones approached the other tractor-trailer, he noticed the tractor-trailer he had just passed was traveling at a high rate of speed and was gaining on him.

As the truck rode up behind Jones, the driver moved into the right lane beside Jones while blowing the horn. The driver began making gestures and giving Jones the middle finger.

Jones then started videoing the incident with his phone. The defendant continued to make gestures, including putting his fingers in a V shape and flicking his tongue at Jones.

The driver then grabbed a can full of liquid and threw it onto the side of Jones’ vehicle. Jones related he then stopped videoing due to an upcoming bend in the roadway.

After clearing the bend, the driver then pulled further along Jones’ vehicle and moved into the left lane, intentionally forcing Jones off the roadway and onto the shoulder.

Jones then exited the roadway at exit 42 and inspected his vehicle for damage. Jones then got back into his vehicle and caught up to the tractor-trailer and was able to obtain a registration plate on the trailer.

The driver then slowed down and moved back into the right lane, at which time Jones moved into the left lane in order to get the front plate. Jones was unable to identify the front plate.

Jones related the information on the side of the truck indicated the carrier was Aetna Freight Lines Inc.

Hageter viewed Jones’ video from Jones’ phone and requested the video be sent to the station watch phone. As Hageter viewed the video, he observed the driver giving Jones gestures and throwing a can full of liquid onto the side of Jones’ vehicle.

On July 12, Hageter contacted Aetna Freight Lines Inc. in Pittsburgh. Hageter then identified the driver in the video as Park David Lutton Jr. On July 13, Hageter called Lutton via telephone.

Lutton allegedly told Hageter during the incident, Jones’ car got in front of his truck and hit his brakes. Lutton allegedly admitted to giving the driver in the car the finger, but denied throwing anything into the side of the vehicle or attempting to run the vehicle off the roadway.

Lutton allegedly related the car got off the highway at exit 42 and subsequently came back upon the truck and messed with him up to Route 376.

Lutton allegedly told Hageter his girlfriend was in the tractor-trailer with him and videoed the incident. Hageter asked Lutton if he could send him the video. Lutton allegedly told Hageter he didn’t know how. Hageter asked Lutton if his girlfriend could send the video, to which Lutton allegedly told Hageter he would have her contact him.

After not hearing from Lutton’s girlfriend, Hageter was able to make contact with her via telephone on July 16. The girlfriend allegedly identified herself as Trista Lynn Orienza of Beaver Falls.

Orienza allegedly told Hageter she didn’t have a phone and uses Lutton’s phone. Hageter asked Orienza about the incident and Orienza allegedly hesitated as she answered. Hageter could hear Orienza asking Lutton questions while Hageter was speaking to her on the phone.

After speaking with Lutton, Orienza allegedly told Hageter the car driven by Jones was in and out of traffic, cutting off Lutton’s truck and passing vehicles in the median. Orienza also allegedly related the car got off at an exit.

Hageter asked Orienza if she had video of the incident, to which Orienza allegedly stated she did. Hageter asked her if she could send him the video she took of the incident, to which Orienza allegedly stated the only thing she had was a video of the cars brake lights.

Hageter asked Orienza why she hadn’t recorded the entire incident and Orienza allegedly told Hageter she was sleeping.

Hageter then asked Orienza how she had recorded any of the incident. Orienza allegedly said she woke up when Lutton was telling the car to move over. Hageter asked Orienza if Lutton had thrown anything or attempted to run the vehicle off the roadway. Hageter then heard Orienza ask Lutton a question, followed by Orienza allegedly stating Lutton had not thrown anything.

Hageter again asked Orienza if she could send the video to him, to which Orienza allegedly related she would. Hageter gave Orienza the number of the Clarion station watch phone. Hageter then told Orienza he would try to contact her and Lutton if he did not receive the video in a few minutes. Hageter did not receive the video and attempted to contact Lutton’s phone, with no answer. Numerous additional attempts to contact Lutton and Orienza were made with negative results. As of July 30, the alleged video had not been received.

The following cases were disposed of at Long’s office.

lJed A. Beichner, age not provided, Shippenville. Pleaded guilty to writing a bad check ($100 to Clarion County Rod and Gun Club, Knox) on September 7, 2018 in Knox Borough. Fines, costs and restitution are $328.

lPatricia A. Wolfe, age not provided, Parker. Pleaded guilty to writing a bad check ($30 to Tom’s Riverside, Knox) on March 28 in Beaver Township. Fines, costs and restitution are $86.

lCaitlynn M. Bowser, 24, Shippenville. Pleaded guilty to writing a bad check ($100 to Tom’s Riverside, Knox) on February 15 in Beaver Township. Fines, costs and restitution are $376.

lHenry Francis Burkhart III, 55, Knox. Pleaded guilty to harassment (pushed and shoved victim) at 8:15 p.m. on July 15 in Beaver Township. Filed by Tpr. Timothy J. Reilly.