Knox Borough Police

KNOX -- The following information is provided by Knox Borough Police Chief Joab Orr.

Scam alert

On Aug. 26 Knox Borough Police Department was made aware of a scam that was sent to a resident in Knox Borough.

The resident was sent a check that is very realistic, from a legitimate bank in Minnesota. The check is from a Financial Express company in Texas, stating the resident was a winner in the "North America Consumer Promotion Draw."

The letter stated they would be entitled to a sum of $75,000 after paying $1,000 for a processing fee and insurance fee.

The letter shows several nationally recognized business logos at the bottom as if the companies are associated with them. The letter was mailed from a Canadian address with Canadian postage.

If anyone has or does receive this letter with the check, do not cash the check. This is a scam and the check is no good.

If you receive the letter contact your local police department and contact the Attorney General Office of Bureau of Consumer Protection at (800) 441-2555.