Criminal charges filed:

lSean Patrick Pickett, 18, Meadville.

Charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor; driving over the speed limit, a summary offense; and careless driving, a summary offense, at 1:32 p.m. Oct. 15 in Paint Township.

Tpr. Joshua S. McGinnis conducted a traffic stop at the 60.6-mile marker westbound.

McGinnis asked Pickett to produce his license, registration and proof of insurance. As Pickett looked for the requested documents, he opened the vehicle's glove compartment.

When Pickett opened the glove compartment, McGinnis observed a glass pipe inside. McGinnis asked Pickett what the pipe was, to which Pickett allegedly related it was a tobacco pipe but he uses it to smoke marijuana.

McGinnis asked Pickett if he had a medical marijuana card, to which Pickett allegedly replied he did not. Filed by McGinnis.

At a Nov. 19 session of Clarion County Central Court, Pickett pleaded guilty to summary disorderly conduct and all other charges were withdrawn.

Fine and costs total $211.

lTammie Louise Mong, 35, New Bethlehem.

Charged with two first-felony offenses of aggravated assault; two second-degree misdemeanor offenses of simple assault and reckless endangerment; and a summary offense of harassment at 12:40 p.m. Oct. 31 in Monroe Township.

According to a criminal complaint, Pennsylvania Constable Ryan Tanner was transporting Mong to her residence after she had been released from Clarion Psychiatric Center.

Mong allegedly had her belongings in her possession and got a knife out of her bag. Mong allegedly began to cut her wrist. Tanner then attempted to take the knife from Mong, who allegedly swung the knife toward Tanner with the blade going across the palm of his hand.

Mong dropped the knife after Tanner had grabbed her by the wrist.

Filed by state police Tpr. Ryan Wilson.

lJustin A. King, 39, Shippenville.

Charged with a second-degree felony offense of strangulation and a summary offense of harassment at 2 a.m. Nov. 2 in Paint Township.

King and the victim entered into a verbal argument at their residence in Shippenville. The victim allegedly related that after arguing with King for some time, King began to push her out the door. The victim allegedly related that upon getting her to the door, King grabbed her by the shoulders and neck as he shoved her against the door multiple times.

The victim allegedly related they then entered the residence again. The victim allegedly said after more verbal arguments, the defendant got on top of her on the couch.

The victim allegedly related at that point she "blacked out" and awoke with pain in her neck and the defendant on top of her holding her down. The victim allegedly related she then left the residence.

Filed by state police Tpr. John Dubovi.

The following cases involve summary offenses punishable by up to a $300 fine and 90 days in jail upon conviction.

lWilliam E. Cronin, 38, Clarion. Charged with harassment (threatened to punch victim's teeth down the victim's throat) at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 21 in Monroe Township. Filed by state police Tpr. Nicholas D. Gray.

lLester H. Dunlap, 81, Marble. Charged with disorderly conduct (failed to gain control of his horse since Oct. 28, creating a public inconvenience) at 2:09 p.m. Oct. 31 in Washington Township. Filed by state police Tpr. Jeffrey M. Benson.

The following cases were disposed of at Schill's office.

lEli Mast, age not provided, Venus. Found guilty of failure to provide a dog vaccination against rabies at 12:05 p.m. Sept. 11 in Washington Township. Fines and costs are $401.

lLawrence Morris Everett, 53, Sligo. Found not guilty of retail theft at 12 p.m. Sept. 10 in Monroe Township.

lLatrinia Dion Hollis, 46, Clarion. Found not guilty of harassment at 9:36 a.m. Sept. 22 in Monroe Township.

lJessie Lynn Weigner, 38, Tionesta. Pleaded guilty to harassment (grabbed victim by the neck and shoved victim onto a couch) at 12 p.m. Oct. 13 in Washington Township. Fines and costs are $471.

lRandy Lee Weigner, 37, Tionesta. Pleaded guilty to harassment (grabbed victim by the wrists) at 12 p.m. Oct. 13 in Washington Township. Fines and costs are $471.

lLogan Elias Magness, 20, New Bethlehem. Pleaded guilty to use of artificial/natural bait (unlawfully hunted white-tailed deer using artificial or natural bait) at 8:50 a.m. Oct. 5 in Monroe Township. Fines and costs are $251.