Foxburg residents are under a water-boil advisory, which began at 5 p.m. Tuesday, and must remain under the advisory for a minimum of three days.

Gwen Atwood, secretary/treasurer of the Foxburg Water and Sewage Authority, said concerns with the water began Monday when a leak was found on the River Road section of the system.

After the leak was isolated, water to a section of customers in the downtown area of Foxburg was cut off. Those customers were without water from Monday evening until 5 p.m. Tuesday.

During that time, Atwood said, valves were installed in order to isolate the problem, and then water was once again available to all customers in Foxburg.

"All customers are now back in service. We have the boil advisory now because we lost pressure," Atwood said. "Now the system has to stabilize first before we can check for contaminants.

"We take readings on things like volume and pressure to check for stabilization. Then, we take samples that we submit with paperwork to the Department of Environmental Protection. If they give us the OK, we can lift the advisory."

Atwood said the DEP requires samples of the water be taken twice, 24 hours apart.

"If we find no contaminants in the sample both times, we can submit the findings to the DEP and wait for their decision," Atwood said. "If we find contaminants in either of the two samples, then we have to start over again, and again pull two samples 24 hours apart."

Atwood said, as of now, the water is safe for showering and uses other than drinking or cooking.

"If you drink the water, you must bring it to a boil first," she said.

Atwood said customers are being notified by e-mail about the status of the advisory.