County announces 2020 recycling events

CLARION Clarion County has been hosting recycling days for about 20 years, and for the past few years the county has hosted two recycling days each year.

This year, the recycling event will be held June 6 and Oct. 17 at Clarion County Park in Paint Township.

At the various collection points throughout the park, items including automotive and rechargeable batteries, greeting cards, washers, dryers, stoves, tires, paint, fluorescent bulbs, vapor lamps, household hazardous waste and propane tanks will be collected.

Pricing per pound includes:

4Cathode ray tube TVs and monitors, 60 cents per pound.

4Small Freon-containing devices, 65 cents per pound.

4All other electronics, 40 cents per pound.

4Paint (oil-based and latex), 75 cents per pound.

4Universal waste (i.e., batteries and bulbs), 75 cents per pound.

4All other household hazardous waste, $1.

4Propane tanks, $8 each.