WRC takes positive approach to hospice care

BROOKVILLE WRC has offered hospice care services since 2014, including medical care to manage symptoms and pain, emotional support and spiritual support.

The hospice care team consists of nurses, therapists, aides, volunteers, a social worker, a physician, and a chaplain. WRC offers senior living, personal care, and home care services in addition to hospice care.

At the end of life's journey, everyone is entitled to these rights - compassion, quality of life and dignity.

In hospice care, patients entering the final phases of life can receive treatment allowing them to live as full and comfortable a life as possible.

In these incredibly delicate situations, WRC Senior Services understands the importance of making moments special for both the patient and the family.

Roxanne Manson, Administrator of WRC Home Solutions, was moved by a recent example.

As a hospice patient's family braced for his passing, they collected together in his home.

The family, gathered round his bedside, decided to do something special for him in his final moments, bring his beloved pet dog to his lap for a final goodbye. With his dog on his lap, the patient passed.

The moment was incredibly powerful and inspiring the family to give the patient's other pets a similar goodbye.

Throughout the day, the family would bring the patient's other pets to his bedside, giving each a final moment with their owner.

"Moments like this are why we are appreciative for what we do. It's not just a job it's the opportunity to be a positive influence during a difficult time," said Manson.

"We are gifted to contribute to a patient's peaceful experience, and if there is something we can do to make this experience a more positive, uplifting one, we will pursue that."

For more information, please contact WRC at (814) 849-1205 or visit their website at http://www.wrc.org.