Apps offered for your outdoor adventure

CAMP HILL The Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF) recently created "Smartphone Apps for Your Outdoor Adventures," a compilation of 180 apps to help you navigate an outside experience.

With 121 state parks and over 2 million acres of forest, there is a lot of opportunity to explore the outdoors in Pennsylvania.

Whether you want to take up a new hobby, check the weather forecast before you set up camp, or need help identifying the flora and fauna while out and aboutthere's an app for that.

The guide features clickable links to easily download the app of your choice and the platforms, Apple's App Store or Android's Google Play, for which the applications are available.

Also included is information about the cost of the app, average user rating, and associated website.

Compiled in an easy to use chart, the apps are sorted according to subject. For example, users that would like to brush up on astronomy and learn more about the night's sky will find all of the apps related to stargazing grouped together.

Other subject areas that can be found within the guide include those for nature identification, apps for fishing, boating, hunting, trails, weather, scavenger hunting apps, and more.

Apps can be valuable tools to help users plan ahead of their next adventure so they can fully unplug while outdoors. Others find them useful for tracking physical health goals or for finding a moment of Zen, using meditation apps such as Headspace, while outdoors.

Many enjoy using apps as educational resources to learn something new. Those like iNaturalist and Picture Insect make it easy to identify and learn new species of plants and insects while out on a trail.

The "Smartphone Apps for Your Outdoor Adventures" guide can be found on the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests website at

Also found here are publications with information on how to get started with the many outdoor activities available in state parks and forests such as horseback riding, cross-country skiing, hunting, or fishing as well as where to find them.

In addition, several guides created by PPFF are available to further safety knowledge including How to Choose a Water Purifier and Pet First Aid for the outdoor adventuring dog.

Pennsylvania's parks and forests are waiting to be explored.What will be your next outdoor adventure?