‘Women Rising 2020' set at Clarion library

CLARION Indivisible We Rise West Central PA announced last week its "Women Rising 2020" event in Clarion in coordination with events in cities and communities across the globe.

The event in Clarion at the Clarion Free Library is one of over 100 happening nationwide at noon on Jan. 18, commemorating the 2017 Women's March on Washington, D.C.

According to a press release, Women Rising 2020 is an invitation "to all to meet at the Clarion Free Library to engage and empower all people to support women's rights, human rights and the rights of all people to social justice."

The event is intended to "honor the crucial roles women have in the community and nation while celebrating women's accomplishments and renewing the commitment to facing challenges together."

Speakers will address "the struggles of area families, the healthcare crisis, and the status of education in our region."

During the event, former candidate for Pennsylvania's 15th Congressional District and Indiana University of Pennsylvania Sociology Professor Dr. Susan Boser will discuss improving communities with sustainable solutions and strategies.

Songs of hope and peace will also be featured throughout the program.

To unify the gathering in a renewed call for peace, area clergy will end the program with a benediction.

This January, women and allies will gather in towns, cities and communities from Clarion to San Diego as part of a nationwide movement.

Indivisible We Rise is sponsoring the event and invites all to attend.