CANONSBURG - The Columbia Gas "Warm Weather Safety Minute" campaign continues to offer simple tips that anyone can follow to stay safe.

Each week throughout the summer, Columbia Gas will continue to highlight specific topics related to natural gas safety on its website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

This week's installment addresses appliance safety. Your appliances provide comfort, warmth, and security. Columbia Gas will be releasing helpful tips to ensure they are safe.

"Appliances are all around our homes and they make our lives easier. However, we often do not recognize them as potential safety hazards. When appliances are operated in an unsafe manner or when we fail to take proper care of our appliances, they can pose significant risks to our home and family," said Columbia Gas Safety Manager Jarrett Johnson.

"Maintaining your appliances will not only keep your home safe but will add to the life of the appliance and save energy," Johnson said.

To keep your appliances operating safely and efficiently, you should schedule inspections on a regular basis and keep them clean and free of hazards.

Natural gas lines and appliances should never be tampered with, hung on, or used for any purpose other than their intended use.

Future Warm Weather Safety Minute topics will include:

4Worker safety

4Sewer line safety

4Carbon monoxide safety

Customers can visit the Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania's website weekly at throughout the summer for the latest Warm Weather Safety Minute, along with past installments.