KNOX - Honoring and serving your country and your community are values that are held deep within the hearts of America's veterans. Members of the Knox American Legion Post 720 take pride in those values, in their patriotism, and strive to find ways to give back to their community.

A new campaign is underway at the Knox legion post 720 in to honor veterans.

The legion is accepting applications to honor veterans by displaying their name, rank, branch of service, and any honors given to them on their outside marquee sign alongside State Route 208.

To be considered for display on the marquee, veterans must meet certain criteria set forth the by the Legion. Eligibility requirements are: those on active duty; any honorably discharged veteran; those who gave their lives while serving; the veteran must be a graduate of Keystone School District or must currently live in Keystone School District or must have been raised within the district; any member of American Legion Post 720, past or present.

All applications submitted will be reviewed by the legion officers and once approved, the veteran's information will be displayed on the marquee in the order the applications were approved by birth month. Each veteran's information will be on display, honoring their service and sacrifices.

If you would like to receive and submit a nomination form to honor a veteran that meets eligibility requirements, please call Bill Black at 814-797-5352.

The application will be mailed to you. Applications will also be available to pick up at the Knox American Legion, located at 70 Veterans Road, Knox, Pa., 16232.