Looking Back in Time 042921


Looking back in time

100 years ago

Clarion Democrat

April 28, 1921

William Sansom


uThe employees of the Pew gas station have been busy grading the lawn, laying out flowerbeds, cutting out walks in the woods and placing benches. It will shortly be a place of beauty.

uTramps have again made their appearance in the Limestone area.

uA large truck en route from New York and Philadelphia to Warren passed through Clarion a few days ago. It was very much like a boxcar on wheels and was heavily loaded with furniture.

uMr. Kuhn, the enterprising baker, has a handsome new Dodge auto delivery truck. It is a real beauty.

uGeorge Nall, M.R. Kuhn, Claude Logue and Walter Sloan went to Clinton County to do some fishing and returned to Clarion with 80 trout that were some of the finest seen in Clarion for some time. Two of the fish measured 16 inches. The boys had a dandy time.

uIt seems some automobile owners in Clarion persist in breaking the law and allowing boys and girls under 16 years of age to drive a car. They are going to be pinched and fined. That's right; make the people obey the law before someone gets run down.

uJosephine Whitehill, 17, of Kingsville died from burns she received from an open gas range. Her brother and sisters underwent the ordeal of giving her parts of their skin for grafting. The funeral was held in Corsica.

uClement "Clem" Aaron of Summerville died of alcohol poisoning. He was a blacksmith who worked for the Pennsylvania Coal Company's mine near Reidsburg. Also near the mine were several stills including one operated by Domenic Kiester, Dominick Donlalla and Jim Donlalla. They produced liquor they called White Mule. These men and perhaps others caused Aaron's death. Clarion Coroner C.W. Stewart called a six-man coroner's jury who determined the cause of death was caused by drinking some fluid supposed to be liquor. Aaron was a master at his craft but had one sin, alcohol. This sin spoiled his life and finally caused his death. The men who made and sold Clem Aaron the drink are measurably responsible for his death. The power of the law should be invoked to punish the men who made and sold the liquor.

50 years ago

The Oil City Derrick

April 24-30, 1971

uDr. Dana Still, assistant dean of academic affairs at Clarion State College was named chairman of a two-week campus solicitation drive for financial support of the Clarion State College Foundation.

uClarion County lost 924 voters this registration with Republicans dropping 683, Democrats 197 and others 44. The Clarion County Commissioners report the lowest number of registered voters in 23 years. In 1948 there were 15,600 voters and in 1971 there were 15,794 registered voters. The highest number of registered voters was in 1961 when 18,318.

uThe Clarion Area Education Association has voted to strike if an agreement cannot be reached with the school board on two major issues. The issues do not involve monetary items but deal with cost savings and a no-strike clause.

uTeachers are expected went out on strike against the East Brady secondary and elementary schools, which are part of the Armstrong School District.

uMembers of the Clarion State College chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity have been working at the Little League field as part of their annual project.

uThe Allegheny-Clarion Valley school board of directors has approved salary increases for employees and business office employees in the district.

uA "car smasher" is being employed on Bill Cunchula's 30 acre "automobile grade-yard." Approximately 2,000 junked cars will be removed from the location near the Cunchula Plaza Shopping Center on Route 208.

Compiled by Randy Bartley