TOPS notes

CLARION The meeting of Take off Pounds Sensibly 742 of Clarion was held July 12, with 11 members weighing in.

Pasta and ice cream are the forbidden foods for the week.

Deb Beasley and Rosemary Schill were the best losers for the week of July 12 and they received fruit and a rose.

Henry Schill was the best loser last week and kept it off.

Henry Schill was the "calorie chart" drawing winner and received one week's free dues.

Vivian Smith was the "loser's chart" drawing winner and received a cash prize.

The challenge for the group was to drink two cups of water before each meal.

Wendy Stohon was the rose contest winner and Deb Beasley was the money raffle winner.

Deb Beasley presented a program about TOPS stances on popular nutrition topics.

Meetings are held at 5:30 p.m. Mondays at the Regency Commons located at 157 South Fifth Avenue in Clarion. For meeting times and dates call Wendy Stohon, leader at 435-650-5190 or Carol Smail, secretary at 379-3665.

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