CLARION - The Paint Township Board of Supervisors recently agreed to sell various pieces of surplus or obsolete equipment on the website "Municibid."

Among the equipment being sold are a backhoe, a road roller, a street broom, a trailer and a pressure washer.

All bids done on Municibid are anonymous. The township still has to advertise for bids on local media.

Other business conducted during the July 15 meeting included the awarding of an $80,780 contract for maintenance of Kiser-Wagner Road to Nick Corcetti Contracting.

Supervisor Jeff Corcetti acknowledged a potential conflict of interest as Corcetti Contracting is owned by his brother.

Corcetti however voted on the matter because to abstain would have meant a lack of quorum at the session and would have delayed the project.

The board also approved a motion for Terra Works to store equipment in a 100-by-100 feet area at Marianne Estates Park.

Terra Works is working on two projects in the area, and needed space for its equipment.

Finally, the board heard from a concerned resident of the township who lives along Banner Road, regarding a ditch in front of his house.

The man stated when it heavily rained, the ditch caused water drainage problems, leading to his lawn being flooded.

Corcetti offered to the man to go with him after the meeting adjourned to assess the situation.