WASHINGTON TWP. - As the winter transitions into spring, the Washington Township Board of Supervisors turns its attention to road repair work.

The board this month unanimously approved advertising for road material bids.

Township road master William Seitz provided a list of aggregate the township would need. Seitz calculated the township would need 1,500 pounds of 2A modified limestone, 1,000 pounds of No. 9 limestone bulk gravel, 500 pounds of 1B limestone and 300 pounds of 2B gravel.

The 2A limestone in made up a variety of sizes between three-quarters of an inch and an inch-and-a-half in diameter and the angular nature of the stone allows the gravel to compact to a firm stable base whereas is three-eighths of an inch in diameter and is used for drainage.

The 1B gravel is commonly referred to as pea gravel and is the smallest grade of stone in diameter used for French drains and pipe bedding.

The 2B gravel is commonly referred to as river gravel and has a wide variety of uses, including French drains, concrete paving, backfilling, etc.

Washington Township Secretary Jacqui Blose alerted the board that the township would also be including bids for the dirt and gravel for the Gowdy Road and McCauley Road pipe projects.

Blose said those figures would be provided at the township's March 29 work session.

Blose also alerted the board PennDOT would be replacing a bridge on Wolf's Corners road which crosses Little Tionesta Creek.

The board also inquired which roads would need sealcoating in 2021. Blose said a list of roads would be provided at the meeting March 29.

The board also unanimously approved advertising the LGUDA guarantee ordinance. LGUDA is the Local Government Unit Debt Act and it is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (CDEC).

According to the CDEC website, LGUDA provides the procedure for Pennsylvania's local government units to issue debt and tax anticipation notes. The Act also provides the borrowing limits for the local government units.

Blose said she hopes to get all the paperwork done for LGUDA so the township can advertise the bid for adoption for the April township meeting. Blose would like to have the LGUDA work ready by then so the township would not have to advertise a special meeting for adoption.

The board also announced the township received $133,615 in liquid fuels funds.

The township also unanimously approved the destruction of all township financial records up to and including 2012. Blose stated the township was not required to keep financial records for more than seven years.

Blose also requested she be allowed to renegotiate the township's phone service contract with Verizon concerning the township's landline.

Blose stated the township is paying around $300 per month for a phone which doesn't get used much. Blose said the Verizon contract was set to expire May 18.

The board questioned if the township even needed a landline anymore since most of the township board and employees use cellphones but Blose said the township needed to keep a landline to send and receive faxes.

The board unanimously approved the allowing Blose to renegotiate the contract when it expires.