Farmington Township board reorganizes

By Rodney L. Sherman



The Farmington Township Board of Supervisors recently re-elected Matt Sherbine as chairman of the board of supervisors.

The action came during the board's state-mandated annual reorganization meeting.

Supervisor David Crise was re-elected vice-chair of the board.

Chuck Gilbert is the third member of the board.

In other reorganization actions, the supervisors:

4Appointed Robin Kahle and Heidi Flick as part-time township secretary/treasurer and open records officer.

4Appointed Glenn King as township ordinance and resolution enforcement officer.

4Re-appointed Bill Hollis as township road master.

4Re-appointed Dick Davis as water/sewerage plant operator.

4Appointed Christy Logue as township legal counsel.

4Re-appointed Todd Fantaskey of Warren as its sewage enforcement officer. Township residents in need of a sewage permit can contact Fantaskey through the township office at 744-8523.

4Re-appointed Brooks and Rhoades as township auditors for water, sewerage and general accounts.

4Set a $3,500 limit on the road master's emergency road fund.

4Appointed Kenny Gilbert as vacancy board chair.

4Approved First United National Bank, Northwest Savings Bank and Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust as depositories for township funds.

4Set the township treasurer's bond at $1 million.

4Set mileage reimbursement for private vehicles used for township business at 58 cents per mile.

4Appointed David Dunn as emergency management coordinator.

4Granted permission for supervisors and eligible employees and volunteers to attend conferences and conventions.

4Approved the secretary making payment of utility bills and any other invoices under $300 before board approval in order to avoid late fees.

4Designated Mealy Excavating as emergency repair contractor for water and sewerage systems on an as-needed basis.

4Appointed Pennoni Engineers and Gene Lerch as township engineers.

4Appointed fire police as submitted by the Farmington Township Volunteer Fire Department.

4Approved wage increases for 2 percent for township employees.

4Set regular monthly meeting dates for 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month and work sessions for 7 p.m. the next to last Wednesday of each month with exceptions to be advertised.