Farmington forwards water/sewerage info to PAWC

But a completed sale of the systems would be two years away

By Rodney L. Sherman



Farmington Township officials have provided a plethora of information to Pennsylvania American Water Co. concerning the township's water and sewerage service systems.

PAWC has expressed an interest in buying the systems and Farmington Township officials have an interest in selling the systems.

Farmington Township Secretary Robin Kahle said Dec. 4 she recently completed gathering 45 categories of information for each of the past three years.

Kahle said she doesn't expect to hear from PAWC until after the start of the new year.

But even then, township supervisor Matt Sherbine said a decision from PAWC regarding a purchase of one or both of systems could be up to two years away.

"They told us when we first talked it will be a lengthy process," said Sherbine. "It could be up to two years (before a sale would close)."

The ownership, operation, maintenance and administration of the two systems will cost the township approximately $691,877 in 2020.

Farmington Township is carrying about $4 million in debt on the water and sewerage systems.

As issues tend to roll downhill, the potential sale of the system in Farmington Township are of great interest to Knox Township, just a few miles down State Route 66.

Knox Township is under a state Department of Environmental Protection order to build and operate a sewage collection and treatment system in the Lucinda area.

The Knox Township Municipal Authority has developed plans for such a system and is trying secure as much grant and low-interest funding as possible to meet the DEP mandate.

PAWC has acknowledged it would be interested in picking up the sewerage customers in the Lucinda area if the purchase of the Farmington Township system comes to pass.

Pennsylvania American Water provides wastewater service to the following Clarion County communities: Clarion and Shippenville boroughs, and Clarion, Monroe, Paint and Elk townships.