Clarion council honors Little League teams

By Amy S. Wozniak



Clarion Borough Council this month had a packed house as the three Clarion Little League teams showed up in uniform to receive a special proclamation honoring them as District 25 Champions.

Clarion Borough Mayor Bill Miller read a special proclamation honoring the 12-and-younger softball team, and the 12-and-younger and the 10-and-younger baseball teams.

"As a former coach, this is exciting for me," Miller said.

The proclamation also declared Sept. 6 as Clarion Little League All Star Day. Miller read from a proclamation that said the league has had 69 years of excellence and sportsmanship.

The proclamation further stated the teams proved Clarion can compete across the commonwealth in sports.

The borough council also approved Clarion Little League's request for $10,000 for various field projects.

In other news, Clarion Borough resident Elisabeth Fulmer wondered if there was anything more the borough could do to alert drivers that Wood Street is a one-way street.

Fulmer said an employee of hers witnessed six people traveling the wrong direction during a three-hour time period.

Fulmer wondered if the borough could paint the street by Seventh Avenue and Wood Street by her business.

"There are signs," Clarion Fire Chief Doug Preston said.

Preston said he doubted they'd observe a painted road sign when they fail to observe the street signs.

"They don't even see the crosswalks," he said.

While there wasn't much council could do for Fulmer's crosswalk request, another of her passions is finally getting some attention trees.

Clarion Borough Council President Carol Lapinto said she asked Miller if he'd spearhead a committee to investigate planting more trees downtown and implementing a shade tree ordinance.

Lapinto said other residents agreed with Fulmer that the trees shouldn't disappear.

"We have some good ideas and we'll get back to you next month with more specifics," Miller said.

In other business, council:

4Declared the Month of September for Foodstock.

4Announced a second council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Sept. 17 at the Clarion Free Library if needed.

4Approved the 2020 Minimum Municipal Obligation for the Clarion Police Pension Plan to zero.

4Approved the 2020 Minimum Municipal Obligation for the Clarion General Employees' Pension Plan in the amount of $52,008.

4Approved a $37,370 payment to Terra Works for the Second Avenue project contingent upon receipt of project close out documents.

4Approved a change order to the Center Place Storm Sewer Project for $24,700 to construct ditch line improvements between Boundary Street and Merryman Road.

4Approved the EADS Group invoice for $2,102.56 for the Center Place Storm Sewer Project through July 31.