Davey Eggleton to lead Central Clarion football

Davey Eggleton

CLARION - Familiarity and consistency are positives when it comes to a high school football program and the Clarion Area School Board last week guaranteed the Central Clarion football team will have both for the foreseeable future.

The board hired Davey Eggleton to be the program's head coach by a unanimous 8-0 vote at the board's regular voting meeting held "virtually" Jan. 12.

Eggleton was Central Clarion's offensive coordinator for two years under former head coach Larry Wiser. Wiser retired after the 2020 season.

Before his two years at Central Clarion, Eggleton was Clarion-Limestone's head coach, compiling a 30-32 record with two playoff appearances over six years.

Eggleton joined the Central Clarion staff when C-L entered into the cooperative football program with Clarion and North Clarion after the 2018 season.

Even though he is Central Clarion's new head coach, Eggleton doesn't believe he needs to change too much.

"There's not going to be much difference when it comes to my football philosophy," Eggleton told the CLARION NEWS. "My main focus is to help build these players into productive members of society."

There is one area Eggleton believes there needs to be improvements made.

"My priority is to have a solid weight room program," Eggleton said. "We have to get stronger because in the league we play in; we see a lot of teams with big players. We need to get our guys in the weight room so they can make that push on the field and be stronger as a team."

Eggleton said he is planning on meeting with the rest of the Central Clarion coaching staff in the coming days to see which coaches plan on staying. Eggleton is hoping the staff stays in place but he also stated he is open to looking at recommending hiring a coach from outside the program if the need arises.

Eggleton's salary is at a Step 5 level of $4,629.

Central Clarion is coming off a 5-2 season which saw the Wildcats fall in the District 9 Class 2A semifinals to Karns City.

In other business, the board:

- Approved the 2019 tax collector's audit.

- Approved a "budget opt-out" resolution which states the district's tax levies and revenue sources will be sufficient to balance the final budget for 2021-22 based on maintaining current tax rates or increasing tax rates by an amount less than or equal to the Act 1 index applicable to the school district as calculated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The applicable index for the next fiscal year is 3-percent and the school board will not for the next fiscal year increase the rate of its real estate tax, or any other tax for the support of public education, by an amount that exceeds the applicable index.

- Approved hiring Randy Cathcart as the assistant junior high wrestling coach at a max step salary of $3,488.

- Accepted the resignation of John Stiglitz as assistant junior high wrestling coach.

- Hired Mary Jo Bettwy as a nurse substitute.

- Approved Kaitlyn Wenner as a volunteer softball coach.

- Accepted the retirement of Tim Kriebel as a custodian effective April 30.

- Set the tuition fee for non-resident students at $8,500.

- Tabled a motion to reimburse P.R. Brown Busing $21,665 for specialized transportation miles that would have been driven had specialized student placements not been closed in November and December of 2020 at the contracted price of $1.70 per mile.

The reason the vote was tabled was in order to see if the district would receive any transportation reimbursement from the state for COVID-19 related issues.

- Was asked by Superintendent Dr. Joseph Carrico that he and District Secretary Jill Spence could contact new legal counsel. Carrico stated he wanted to find an office or a group that is more holistic. Carrico said he needed the outside counsel to cover a variety of subjects including special education.

Carrico informed the board that he would come back to the board with more information in February.