PAINT TWP. - The way the meeting was held was new, but the outcomes of the Paint Township annual state-mandated reorganization meeting did not bring a lot change.

Paint Township supervisors met at 9 a.m. Jan. 4 -- via conference call due to Coronavirus concerns.

The biggest change to come out of the meeting was an increase in laborers' wages.

The township road crew laborers were given a $2.25 per hour raise a $1 per hour standard increase and a $1.25 per hour to replace a $200 per month stipend.

The monthly stipend was put in place a couple of years ago to defray insurance costs for the laborers.

Jeffrey Corcetti was re-elected as board chairman while supervisor Kenneth L. Ganoe was appointed vice-chairman of the board.

Donald L. Clinger is the third member of the board of supervisors.

The board also voted to cap the hours a supervisor can work to seven hours per calendar month. If a supervisor is required to work any additional hours, it will need to be approved by another supervisor.

Previously, the supervisors could work a maximum of seven hours per week.

Ganoe said he believes having the supervisors work for an hourly rate to be unnecessary. Ganoe believes the funds used to pay the supervisors for working could be utilized elsewhere. Corcetti came up with the compromise of the monthly cap with approval needed for additional hours.

"Working supervisors" wages are set by the township board of auditors.

In other reorganization business, the board:

4Re-appointed John Marshall as legal counsel with the chairman to have the authorization to contact him for any business not previously authorized by the whole board.

4Re-appointed First United National Bank and Northwest Savings Bank as depositories for township funds.

4Agreed to continue the employment of Matthew Byham and William Schettler.

4Re-appointed Todd Fantaskey of Northwest Soil Services as sewage enforcement officer.

4Re-appointed Mark Hall as emergency management coordinator.

4Re-appointed Henry Smerkar as vacancy board chairman.

4Re-appointed Troese and Associates as the township's certified public accountant.

4Set the mileage rate for use of private vehicles for township business at the IRS maximum of 56 cents per mile.

4Re-appointed Jacqui Blose as secretary treasurer, building permit officer and open records officer at a rate of $15 per hour. The board approved a $1 per hour pay increase for Blose.

4To hold monthly meetings the third Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at the township office along State Route 66 north of Marianne.