'Destination Downtown' launches summer projects

"Destination: Clarion Downtown" has purchased two planters similar to the one pictured above to place along Main Street in Clarion. The group is seeking donations or sponsorships for additional planters.

CLARION - "Destination: Clarion Downtown" has some summer projects in mind to beautify and promote the town's business area.

And the informal group of business owners and volunteers is looking for some help.

Destination: Clarion Downtown member and business owner Jim Crooks told the April 6 meeting of Clarion Borough Council a recent "Pick Up Clarion" effort went well with a small gathering of volunteers meeting to pick up wind-strewn trash from around the downtown area.

Crooks said bar and club owners also made an effort to pick up cigarette butts from around their establishments.

"Pick Up Clarion" can be found on Facebook. People can join the page and then submit photographs of themselves gathering trash. Downtown business owners have donated prizes to be awarded to some of the participants.

"Take a walk, bring a bag, wear your gloves and pick it up," said Crooks.

Main Street planters

Crooks said a recent visit to New York prompted his idea to place large planters along Main Street.

Crooks said with the support of various businesses and individuals Destination: Clarion Downtown has purchased two of the 5-feet long, 2-feet high planters.

"It will take about six weeks to get them," said Crooks.

Crooks said he is not sure where the planters will be set but he believes they will improve the appearance of Main Street.

Destination: Clarion Downtown hopes to get more of the planters and is asking for donations or sponsorships.

Crooks said if an individual or business wants to purchase one of the planters at a cost of about $1,950 an plaque could be affixed to the planter acknowledging the donation.

Destination: Clarion Downtown also plans to assume responsibility for about a dozen pre-existing planters along Main Street.

The group would appreciate donations of flowers for the planters or cash to help buy the plants.

"It's time for everyone to either pull or help push the wagon," said Crooks. "No more just riding along."

Donations can be mailed to Destination Clarion Downtown, c/o FC Crooks & Co., P.O. Box 487, Clarion, Pa., 16214.