CLARION - Clarion Area school board officials recently approved the selling of outdated bus cameras and the subsequent purchase of nine new cameras to be placed on district school buses.

District superintendent Joe Carrico said the nine old cameras, seven of which were purchased in February 2015 and two in October 2017, had become obsolete and non-functional.

The district is selling the nine old cameras at $300 per unit. In addition, nine AUTO-VOX dash cameras were approved for purchase at $140 per unit. Nine Samsung 128 gigabyte memory cards were also bought at $19 per card.

"The cameras we're buying are much better, but they're actually cheaper than what we're selling the used ones for," said Carrico.

Funds received from the sold cameras will be used to purchase the new units and accompanying accessories.

The new cameras will not require a harness to be tied onto them as the old ones did. Rather, they will attach to bus safety bars.

The replacement of cameras is an element of what Carrico said is a tightening up of transportation processes already in place at the district.

"We're trying to work on behaviors on buses so drivers can focus," said Carrico. "I don't want drivers worrying about kids fighting and horse-playing on the bus; I want them to worry about driving."

Carrico said the district has been working with students and parents by sending letters home and adding extra information to the district's website concerning elements of student transportation.

Carrico added district administrators are pleased to see students' families have received the new information well.

In other business:

lThe board also approved the purchase of varsity and junior high football uniforms, which includes the purchase and reconditioning of new helmets

About 120 varsity jerseys and 60 pairs of varsity pants were ordered totaling $16,215.

Also, 140 junior high jerseys and 70 pairs of junior high pants were ordered totaling $7,437.

The combined total uniform cost of $23,652 will be split evenly between Clarion Area and Clarion-Limestone as part of the districts' cooperative football agreement.

In addition, the purchase of 161 helmets and changing the color of each helmet's facemask totals $7,376 in Clarion Area costs, $5,000 of which will come out of a reconditioning budget.

lThe board approved appointment of Christy Logue (Logue and Urik) as district legal counsel at an hourly rate of $175 for general school counsel.

lThe board approved a final payment of $30,000 for the elementary school's renovation project.

lThe board approved an agreement with Keystone SMILES to provide Alternative Programs for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) as needed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

lThe board accepted the resignation of paraprofessional Tracy Park effective Jan. 13, 2020.

lThe board accepted the retirements of paraprofessional Karen Black effective June 1 and custodian Larry Klingensmith effective June 30.

lThe board approved the appointment of Dave Constantino as assistant softball coach at a salary of $2,120.

lThe board approved the following volunteers:

(Softball) Kaitlyn Wenner, John Stroup, Matt Best, Tony Vega, (play) Nate Blachier, and (weight training) Duane Schmader.