Keystone handles light agenda 1119

The Keystone School Board this month agreed to sell two Hobart 60-quart mixers no longer used in the cafeterias. The units are about five feet tall and weigh 1,000 pounds.

Keystone handles light agenda

Agrees to sell mixers; approves field trip to Toronto

By Rodney L. Sherman



They're not your average kitchen counter-top mixers manufactured in 1971, they're Hobart 60-quart mixers and they weigh about 1,000 pounds each.

And Keystone School District has two of them for sale.

Keystone School District Superintendent Shawn Algoe told school board members Nov. 18 the two mixers have not been used for a several years and are taking up valuable storage space.

The rolling mixers are about five feet tall and are capable of mixing around 40 pounds of mashed potatoes at a time.

The mixers are still equipped with mixing bowls and various attachments.

Algoe might have a found a middleman to sell the units for the district.

Keystone School District is working on several equipment upgrades in both the elementary and high school cafeterias.

The vendor installing the new equipment asked Algoe about the old mixers, which still work.

Algoe said the vendor knows of a non-profit organization looking for a mixer like the Hobart 60-quart unit.

Algoe said his research online found the used mixers can be worth $3,500 to $4,000 each.

The board agreed to offer the mixers for sale and authorized Algoe to work with the vendor to sell the units, possibly through a consignment agreement.

A new 60-quart Hobart mixer retails for about $18,950.

"They really are something," Algoe said of the 48-year-old mixers. "You could mix cement with those things. They're huge."

Cafeteria report

Jodee Raybuck of Nutrition Inc., cafeteria managers, presented her annual report to the board, noting the district's contract with her company is in its final year.

Raybuck said she believes the operation of the cafeterias is going well with a student advisory committee at both schools up and running for the year.

Raybuck said Nutrition Inc. adapted its breakfast offerings at the high school to meet the district's new schedule this year.

"We're offering a little bit more ‘grab and go' items," explained Raybuck.

Nutrition Inc. also is offering an expanded "protein pack" option, serving pre-packaged snacks and lite meals for students with busy schedules.

2020 deer season

Algoe said district officials should be thinking about how they want to handling scheduling around the 2020 deer hunting season.

The state this year will begin buck season the Saturday after Thanksgiving rather than the first Monday after Thanksgiving. That is expected to continue in 2020 with the possibility of hunting on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving as well.

Public schools in the area have traditionally been closed the first Monday and sometimes Tuesday after Thanksgiving to allow students and employees to hunt.

"With these changes to the hunting schedule, we need to start thinking about the off day," said Algoe. "Is the first Monday going to become just another Monday?"

In other business, the board:

4Assigned a $285,000 2019-20 budget surplus to the general fund balance "until designated elsewhere."

4Tentatively approved a student field trip to Toronto for the music department using fundraisers, scholarship grants and student activity funds.

4Declared a contract with Bus 1 owner Tom Brown in default and terminated the agreement.

4Approved a renewal on a contract with EES (formerly Soure4Teachers) for substitute teacher services.

4Approved a one-year extension of the elementary school's "Go-Math" textbook at a cost of $17,848.

4Approved board member Trisha Dixon as an independent volunteer swimming coach.

"I didn't know we had a swimming pool," quipped board member Greg Barrett quipped.

"When the water line in the boiler room breaks we have swim practice," Algoe replied in the same sense.

4Was advised by high school principal Brad Wagner this school year's musical will be "Grease."