LUCINDA - Construction of the Lucinda-area sewerage collection and treatment system could get underway this week.

The Knox Township Municipal Authority Feb. 4 awarded three contracts totaling $2.4 million to construct a sewage collection and treatment system in the Lucinda area.

The Knox Township Municipal Authority was told at its April 27 meeting pre-construction meetings still needed to be held and PennDOT and Conservation District permits still needed to be obtained, but work could begin soon.

"We're in pretty good shape to get started," said Marty English, project engineer with The EADS Group.

While formal financing the project has been delayed due to a paperwork issue, the KTMA agreed to give contractors notice to proceed as closing on the PennVEST loan and grant is now expected to be finalized in June.

The new system is expected to serve about 75 customers paying a monthly base fee of about $90.

The April 27 KTMA meeting was fairly short about 20 minutes as English announced the start of construction and little else was on the agenda.

Board members Tim Huebert, Bill Schmader and Joe Carroll agreed to advertise for a part-time secretary/plant operator.

The board members remain uncertain if the position will be two jobs or one.

Briefly mentioned was the matter of approximately four customers have not yet paid their tap-in fees. That matter is expected to be revisited next month with action tabled until then.

Carroll, the board's secretary and treasurer, reported all funds belonging to the KTMA have now been transferred from township accounts to authority accounts.

Finally, the Knox Township Board of Supervisors is still looking for a replacement for authority board member Ben Ochs who resigned in March.

KTMA board members are appointed by the Knox Township Board of Supervisors and are tasked with overseeing the development, construction and operation of a public sewerage collection and treatment system in the Lucinda area.

The township supervisors announced in March anyone interested in volunteering to serve on the board should contact the township office.

Township supervisor Jerry Wolbert told the authority board the supervisors have not made an appointment.

"Nobody showed up to apply," Wolbert reported.