Knox commends police officer's efforts

Knox Borough Police Officer Jason Bowen receives recognition from Knox Borough Council for his outstanding performance as a police officer. According to the letter of commendation signed by borough council members, “Knox is extremely fortunate to have an officer of Jason’s caliber as a member of our police department.” Pictured left to right: Chief of Police Joab Orr, Tyler Bowen, Officer Jason Bowen and Bobbi Miller.

Knox commends police officer's efforts

By Christina Moss



Knox Borough Police Officer Jason Bowen was presented a police commendation award letter at the Knox Borough Council meeting June 3 for his outstanding commitment to the community, professionalism and contributions to Knox and surrounding communities.

According to council member Carl Salser, when Bowen was hired several years ago, his goal was to change the perception of the police department from a negative image to a positive image.

"It shows you no matter how high or how lofty a goal you set for yourself, if you really believe in it and you work hard towards it then every goal is obtainable," said Salser.

"Jason working with (police chief) Joab (Orr), they have achieved the goal through the many things they have done.

"They've become such a valuable part, a valuable addition, to the community and I just can't say enough good things. When we first started to write the (commendation) letter, it was a problem because it could have been a 20-page document but they wanted to put it in the frame so how do you cut that down?

"They treat people the way they want to be treated and there's such a rapport they've established which you don't see in other (police) departments."

"A few years ago, before Jason came and then Joab, I went around to a lot of people and asked something about our police department; I'd say do you know who they are and they had no idea what their names were. You ask them today and they know what their names are. That's how different things are now in the community and I'm very proud of it," added council member Harold Price.

Horsethief Days

Information for Horsethief Days 2019 can be found on the borough website at

The vendor application for sales on Main Street is now available. Registration is $20 with $10 returned upon set up and the deadline for applying is July 31. Set up will begin at 8 a.m. Aug. 17. Spaces are 10 feet by 10 feet.

Tree service request

A property owner along West State Street requested permission from council to hire a tree service to trim trees on borough property adjacent to his property at his expense due to the possibility of the trees falling onto his house.

As a preventative measure, he expressed it would be approximately $3,000 to have a tree service top the trees which would be equivalent to his deductible for insurance on the house if the trees were to fall on it, therefore he is willing to pay for the service "to get it done" and needed permission from council.

A motion was made by council member Bill Henry to grant permission to top the trees as long as the contractor carries a minimum $1 million liability and workers compensation if necessary and the motion carried.

The hired contractor will be required to submit a copy of the insurance certificate to the Borough office.

Knox ambulance

Yearly memberships have been mailed, however if residents have not received one or would like to join to support the local emergency service, memberships can be obtained by calling (814) 797-1263.