Knox legion seeks local veterans' names

American Legion Post No. 720 in Knox is seeking the names of military veterans (past or present) from the Keystone School District area to post on the group's electronic marquee along State Route 208. The effort was launched in January.

KNOX - American Legion Post 720 in Knox is looking for the names of military veterans from the Keystone School District area names the post can display for the public to see.

"A number of towns around us have gone with a Main Street banner program to honor their hometown veterans," explained Knox legion post member Bill Black. "We thought about doing that here, but we have some banners honoring Ross McGinnis and we weren't sure we wanted to detract from those."

McGinnis, as it well known, was awarded the nation's highest military honor The Medal of Honor -- after he died saving the lives of his fellow soldiers during a grenade attack in Iraq.

Black said post members also expressed concern about the costs of the individual banners (the custom-made banners with the veteran's image and service information and related hardware can cost nearly $200 each), the responsibility for putting up and taking down the banners and the storage of the banners during the winter season.

"We agreed we have that big electronic marquee out along (State Route 208), it's already here and it wouldn't cost us anything to run the names and service information for everyone to see as they drive by," said Black.

The effort was launched in January and so far about 15 names have been entered into the electronic display, but Black said the post membership hopes more people will submit the names of military veterans from the Knox area to be included on the display.

We have more to enter and we get about one more every day," said Black. "But we'd really like to have more."

Because American Legion Post 720 serves the Knox area, the electronic honor is limited.

To be considered for display on the marquee, veterans must meet certain criteria set forth the by the legion.

Eligibility requirements are: those on active duty; any honorably discharged veteran; those who gave and those their lives while serving.

The veteran must be a graduate of Keystone School District or must currently live in Keystone School District or must have been raised within the district or be a member of American Legion Post 720, past or present.

All applications submitted will be reviewed by the legion officers and once approved, the veteran's information will be displayed on the marquee in the order the applications were approved by birth month. Each veteran's information will be on display, honoring their service and sacrifices.

If you would like to receive and submit a nomination form to honor a veteran that meets eligibility requirements, please call Bill Black at 814-797-5352.

The application will be mailed to you. Applications will also be available to pick up at the Knox American Legion, located at 70 Veterans Road, Knox, Pa., 16232.