STRATTANVILLE - It wasn't just business as usual for the Clarion Township Board of Supervisors at the state mandated reorganization meeting held Jan. 4 at the township municipal building.

The board had to appoint a replacement for former township supervisor Robert Deemer who passed away in December from COVID-19.

Supervisors Bergen Dilley and Frank Wilson agreed to appoint Pat Aaron to Deemer's seat on the board.

Prior to the meeting, Aaron was approached about filling Deemer's seat temporarily and Aaron agreed to take the position believing that's what Deemer would have wanted.

The seat comes up for election in 2021. Aaron can choose to run for the seat which comes with a two-year term to fill out the remainder of Deemer's original term.

Deemer was elected to the Clarion Township Supervisor Board in 2011 and was in his second six-year term when he passed away Dec. 16, 2020.

Aaron was appointed to fill Deemer's seat during the township's regular meeting which was held after the state-mandated reorganization meeting.

At the reorganization meeting, the Dilley and Wilson:

4Re-elected Dilley as board chairman.

4Re-appointed Wilson as vice-chairman.

4Re-appointed Karen Lue Wilson as the township secretary-treasurer at a rate of $18 per hour.

4Appointed Dilley as assistant secretary.

4Appointed Tom Lewis as road master at a rate of $20.50 per hour.

4Appointed Pat Aaron as part of the road crew. Because he is now a "working supervisor," his wage must be set by the township board of auditors.

4Agreed to keep non-working supervisors' wages at $15.25 (at the approval of the township auditors).

4Set the mileage rate for use of private vehicles for township business at the IRS maximum of 56 cents per mile.

4Re-appointed Mike Johnston as chairman of the vacancy board.

4Retained Stephen French as Clarion Township's legal counsel.

4Retained EADS Group as township engineer.

4Re-appointed Todd Fantaskey as Clarion Township's primary sewage enforcement officer and Nick Melnick as the alternate sewage enforcement officer.

4Re-appointed Wesley Lander as Clarion Township's emergency management coordinator.

4Designated First United National Bank, S&T Bank, Northwest Savings Bank, Farmer's National Bank and PLGIT as Clarion Township's depositories.

4Authorized the reimbursement of wages and expenses for employees and supervisors who attend pre-approved meetings, conventions and training sessions.

4Authorized the secretary-treasurer to make all payments for invoices in a timely manner in order to avoid penalties, including payroll.

4Re-appointed Bureau Veritas North America as Clarion Township's Uniform Commercial Code inspection agency.

4Re-appointed Karen Lue Wilson as Clarion Township's open records officer.

4Re-affirmed that Karen Lue Wilson will continue as delegate to the Clarion County tax collection committee.

4Authorized the Clarion Township employees and supervisors to receive a holiday bonus only if the township is in good financial standing to do so (upon approval by the auditors).

4Set the dates and times for the rest of the 2021 meetings to be held at the Clarion Township Municipal Building on the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. The township municipal building is located at 17382 U.S. Route 322 just east of Strattanville.

At the regular meeting held after the reorganization, the board authorized sending a letter to a Clarion Township property owner regarding a nuisance tenant.

The board also received notice from the 2020 CDBG allocation that the township's funds received increased $14 to $93,383.