Beaver Township meetings will remain morning events

By Rodney L. Sherman



The Beaver Township Board of Supervisor meeting will continue to be held at 8 a.m. on the first Monday of each month.

Former Beaver Township supervisor Tom Butler questioned the meeting time during the township's annual reorganization meeting, saying the 8 a.m. meeting time made it difficult for working residents to attend.

"I don't think it (8 a.m.) is fair to people who can't get time off to come here," said Butler.

Supervisor Jim Weeter defended the meeting time and said it would remain the same for 2020 unless the first Monday is a legal holiday at which time the meeting will be moved to 8 a.m. on the first Thursday of the month.

"Yes, it's fair," countered Weeter. "I worked for GE for 21 years I worked the afternoon shift and if I wasn't working the afternoon shift I was working the night shift.

"Was it fair to me the meetings were held in the evenings? Was it fair to me that I had to take time off from work if I wanted to come to a meeting?"

Weeter said township residents who want to address the board of supervisors can submit a letter or leave a message on the office answering machine.

Otherwise, Weeter said, people who work daylight hours will likely have to take a sick day or vacation time to attend the meeting.

"I don't know how else to satisfy the question," Weeter said. "A lot of people work in the evenings, too. That's just the way it is."

Weeter was reelected to a six-year term in the 2019 general election and he will continue as the chairman of the board of supervisors.

During the board's state-mandated annual reorganization session Weeter and fellow supervisor Roger Swartfager handled a slate of appointments and decisions.

Supervisor Brad Switzer was absent from the meeting.

Other reorganization actions included:

4Swartfager was appointed as vice-chairman of the board of supervisors.

4Hugh C. Slaugenhaupt Jr. was re-appointed as township secretary/treasurer and open records officer.

4Switzer was re-appointed as road master.

4Christy Logue was appointed as township legal counsel.

4The EADS Group was re-appointed as township engineers.

4Patrick Kelly and Todd Fantaskey were re-appointed as township sewage regulations enforcement officers.

4Kevin Stewart was re-appointed as township emergency management coordinator.

4Pete Titely was re-appointed as township vacancy board chairman.

4Farmers National Bank and Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust were named as depositories for township funds.

4Construction Code Inspectors Inc. of Franklin was re-appointed as building code inspector.

4Switzer was named as delegate to the state convention of township supervisors.

The township office can be contacted at 814-797-1408. The fax number is 814-797-1708.

The township office is located at 121 Tippecanoe Road, Knox, Pa. 16232 (Wentlings Corners)