Conservation district revises park project

By Samantha Beal



The Clarion Conservation District Board of Directors announced May 2 bids for the treatment system at Clarion County Park were opened.

"Nobody met 100 percent of the bid (stipulations)," announced board chairman George Schmader. "The bonding was getting to be an issue (with) getting in the roads and everything."

Bonding stipulations inflated the cost, according to Schmader, so the district found other ways to reach the site. Schmader explained an addendum was issued to address road bonding.

"The scope of the work did not change," added director Gene Metcalf. "The only thing that changed was the entrance (and) how they were going to get in and out so that we wouldn't impact (some) key park roads."

Answers to the addendum were received May 28 and opened by the district May 29.

The board also announced S&T Service and Supply, Inc. submitted the winning bid for the district's on-going methane well plugging project in Farmington Township with a bid of $129,120.

S&T Service and Supply was the only company to submit a bid. The contract is for four wells.

Clarion County Commissioner and board member Ed Heasley asked if the bid had been reviewed. Schmader said it had. The board unanimously approved the bid.

Metcalf thanked the recently formed committee that oversees the bidding process.

"We've had several meetings as a committee on reviewing the bids and evaluating them and doing some work on what we're going to have to do to go on," said Metcalf. "I appreciate everybody's participation."

"And our new process is working pretty good," agreed Schmader.

District reports

Administrative assistant Lou Ann Steiner reported Keystone High School Envirothon students won first-place in Clarion County and moved to states May 21. Steiner also noted the district's audit has begun.

Erosion & Sediment/Dirt & Gravel Low Volume Road technician Alicia Ramsey told the board she's been reviewing E&S plans and sites, as well as project notices of termination.

Ramsey also reviewed eight Act 167 (storm water management) plans before the May meeting. Township projects and roads are being assessed, reviewed and laid out for construction.

Ramsey asked the board to approve two applications for additional DGR projects in Highland and Elk townships. Ramsey explained Highland wants to install covered cross-pipes to help drainage on Bigley Road. Construction is projected to cost $10,020.

Elk Township wants to complete "phase two" of a past project that installed cross pipes and fill on Greer Road.

"We realized there's still some moisture in the base," said Ramsey.

The project will install geo-material near the base to strengthen the road, which is used by a school bus. Ramsey estimates the project will cost $32,094.

The board unanimously approved both projects.

District manager Trudy Alexander and resource technician Tricia Mazik were absent during the meeting.

The conservation district next meets at 10 a.m. June 18 in the Human Services Building.