Clarion updates parking rules

By Rodney L. Sherman



Clarion Borough Council this earlier this month gave its tentative approval to several changes to its streets ordinance, bringing numerous changes to parking throughout the town.

Council agreed to advertise its intent to amend the streets ordinance as part of an overall update of the regulations. Formal adoption is expected in May.

The biggest changes involve metered parking throughout the borough.

The changes were prompted in part by a malfunctioning meter pay station at the Liberty Street Municipal Parking Lot.

Council member and public safety committee chair Ben Aaron said the pay station at the lot installed in 2011 -- is a one-of-a-kind prototype and the manufacturer no longer has any replacement or repair parts for the centralized machine.

Aaron said so the committee has recommended removing parking meters from some residential streets, including parts of Liberty Street and Sixth Avenue.

Aaron said the public works department has come up with enough meters to re-populate the Liberty Street lot.

The centralized pay station along Seventh Avenue near McDonald's will remain in place.

Other amendments to the ordinance include:

4The addition of stop signs along George Road at the intersection of Eighth Avenue. The stop signs have been in place for some time but were not formally included in the ordinance.

4Removing two-hour time limited parking along the east side of Eighth Avenue from Main Street to Liberty Street.

4Banning all parking along the east side of Eighth Avenue from Main Street to Liberty Street.

4Removing 10-hour zones along the north side of Liberty Street from Ninth Avenue (now Arnold Avenue) to Fourth Avenue.

4Adding 10-hour zones to the north side of Liberty Street between Weaver Place and Fourth Avenue.

4Adding 10-hour zones to the west side of Sixth Avenue from South Street to Church Road.

4Adding parking by permit only along the east side of Center Place between Madison Road and Liberty Street.

In other business at the April 6 meeting, council:

4Approved a request from Delta Zeta sorority for its 5k race April 17 subject to COVID-19 warnings and CDC guidelines in place at the time of the event.