PAWC's 20 years of excellence honored

Pennsylvania American Water Co. and its Clarion plant employees were recently recognized for 20 years of excellence with its service in the local area.

CLARION - The professional staff atPennsylvania American Water'sClarion Water Treatment Plant, which serves approximately 4,200 customers in Clarion County, recently accepted a Directors Award from thePartnership for Safe Water for 20 consecutive years of water quality excellence.

"Safe, clean, and reliable tap water is so important to our customers and our community, which is why Pennsylvania American Water holds ourselves to high standards and is a proud and longstanding member of the Partnership for Safe Water," said Pennsylvania American Water President Mike Doran. "We're proud of our incredible team of expert scientists, treatment plant operators and engineers who support our Clarion water system. This impressive award demonstrates their dedication and commitment to protecting the health and safety of our customers over the past 20 years and beyond."

The national award, which honors efforts to continuously optimize water treatment plantand distribution system operation and performance, was recently announced by the American Water Works Association.

The Clarion Water Treatment Plant, which is in Clarion Borough, has received the award for 20 consecutive years.

As a member of the Partnership for Safe Water, Pennsylvania American Water demonstrates its commitment to improve the quality of drinking water delivered to customers by optimizing its system operations and regularly achieving water quality that meets or surpasses state and federal drinking water standards.

This year, 19 Pennsylvania American Water treatment plants from around the commonwealth received recognition for maintaining the Phase III Directors Award status for 20 years.

Nationally, just over 400 surface water treatment plants are part of the Partnership for Safe Water Program, a voluntary effort that is designed to increase protection against microbial contamination through treatment optimization.

Doran added, "We remind our customers that the next time they turn on their tap, to please remember there's a team in your community dedicated to delivering tap water that is safe, clean, reliable, and of higher quality than state and federal drinking water standards require."