Looking Back in Time 061021


Looking back in time

100 years ago

Clarion Democrat

June 9, 1921

William Sansom


uMrs. John O. Miller of Pittsburgh, state chairman of the League of Women Voters, addressed a large and enthusiastic audience of Clarion citizens in the courthouse Friday evening. Mrs. Miller advocated an amendment to the state constitution prohibiting anyone from voting who cannot pass a fifth- or sixth-grade examination. Foreigners who do not understand the nature of our government and its operation should not be allowed to vote.

uThe Wrightman glass factory at Parker is again in operation after a five weeks shutdown to make repairs. Two new bottle-making machines are being installed.

uWhile taking a ride in a seven passenger auto the other day George Alexander of Clarion was the only passenger in the rear seat. When the driver struck a heavy bump George was catapulted against one of the bows of the top and bumped his forehead so hard as to almost paralyze him. George should not ride in a bog car without more passengers to help hold down the back springs or, perhaps, he'd better ride in a Ford as they don't kick quite as hard.

uThe new pipe organ at the First Methodist Episcopal Church has arrived and is being installed. It was gift of Mrs. William Keatley and cost $7,000.

50 years ago

The Oil City Derrick

June 11-18, 1971

uOperating expenses at Clarion State College have risen more than $2.3 million since fiscal 1968 according to a report by Auditor General Robert P. Casey. Mandated salary boots accounted for $1.7 million of the increase.

uSome 80 people picketed the entrance of the Zacherl Coal Company to protest the blasting operations they claim damaged their homes. The pickets parked their cars across the entrance and carried signs. Cheers went up when a cease and desist order was read. It was the second such order issued.

uThe first man-of-the-year in Sligo was presented to W.C. "Pappy" Bracken. Over 200 people attended the banquet in his honor.

uClarion attorney H. Ray Pope, Jr. has blasted the Shapp administration for "action taken behind closed doors" regarding the continued basting by the Zacherl Coal Company. Pope represents the property owners affected by the blasting.

uThe Ram Construction Company of Venicia was the apparent low bidder for construction at the new Clarion County Airport. The firm's base bid was $549,000.

uNew Bethlehem needs a mayor. Darrell Stahlman resigned on April 1 and since then council president Kenneth Willison has acted as the chief magistrate of the borough.

uA suit for slander filed by five teachers against the former president of the Clarion County Taxpayers was dismissed by Judge Floyd Weaver. The Judge declared the action a "non-suit."

uThe Clarion-Limestone school board trimmed an additional $24,630 from the tentative budget during a special meeting. Due to the large number of people attending the meeting it was moved to the high school gym.

Compiled by Randy Bartley