CLARION - Clarion County Register and Recorder Greg Mortimer is alerting area residents to an increasing number of calls he is receiving from area residents, particularly new homeowners, concerning a company which is soliciting a large fee for a copy of their deed.

The company, called Local Records Office, offers to provide a copy of a homeowner's deed and other property profile information for a service fee of $89.

"That's more than 16 times the $5.50 cost a Clarion County resident would pay if they requested a certified copy of their deed directly from the Clarion County Recorder's Office," Mortimer noted.

"A certified copy of a deed is a copy of an individual's property deed that is signed by the recorder, has the official seal of the office impressed on it, and notes it is a true and correct copy of the original deed recorded in the recorder's office. It can be used in lieu of the original deed," Mortimer explained.

"I don't believe the deed copy provided by the company in question is even a certified copy of the homeowner's deed," Mortimer added.

"The letter received from the company does disclose it is not associated with any governmental agency and the homeowner can obtain a copy of their deed from the county recorder's office but it does not disclose its fee for a copy of the deed is at a highly inflated cost," Mortimer continued.

"Upon further investigation, I found the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is given an "F" rating," Mortimer added.

"It's important that Clarion County residents realize the Clarion County Recorder's Office is happy to offer certified copies of a property owner's deed as a convenient service at a much lower cost than is being offered by this company," Mortimer finalized.