Breakfast club continues to meet at McDonald's

A few of the members of the Clarion McDonald's Breakfast Club include (from left) Jeff Smathers, Bernie Ganoe, Charlie Anthony, Alan Denslinger and Dave Hartle. The group isn't sure how they will gather if the social distancing requirements continue into the winter months.

CLARION - Social restrictions have not shut down the unofficial clubs of senior citizens who share breakfast and friendship at McDonald's each morning. It's only challenged them to become more creative.

For example, though indoor seating at McDonald's of Clarion located at 707 Main Street is limited, the morning coffee club is going strong. The seniors collect their breakfasts and cups of Joe from the drive-thru then retire to their lawn chairs in the parking lot.

A dozen loyal friends spend hours each day discussing the day's news and solving the world's problems all with proper social distancing. Sometimes, they even bring their antique automobiles so the parking lot looks like a classic car cruise.

"Some things never change," said McDonald's Owner and Operator Gene Puskash. "Friends will always find a way to be together and McDonald's will always be a community center for local residents," said Puskash.

All McDonald's restaurants in central Pennsylvania are owned and operated by local families who live in the communities where they do business.

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