STRATTANVILLE - The Clarion-Limestone school board recently approved the expulsion of three students school officials and state police say were involved in a threat made to a school administrators and school board members.

School board president Molly Greenawalt confirmed the students were expelled as part of a threat issued toward district superintendent Amy Glasl and the school board, which forced the cancellation of the board's September session.

Board member Jamie Mahle said he reached out to state police after the October meeting where Greenawalt made a statement attributed to Tpr. Josh Bauer indicating the district followed proper protocols in dealing with the situation.

"PSP called me back (Nov. 19) and no written statement was ever provided to C-L school district," Mahle said.

Glasl said that was not true and she had the statement on e-mail which she could provide to Mahle.

Greenawalt said she had read from the email itself while making the statement.

Greenawalt and Glasl asked who Mahle had spoken with. Mahle said he had talked to Bauer's "boss."

"I can't see why we're agreeing to expel kids when the threat, in my opinion, wasn't taken seriously," said Mahle. "How can you expel the kids for something that wasn't a big deal?"

Greenawalt asked Mahle if he was privy to the details of the expulsion agreement. Mahle said he knew only that a deal had been reached during a hearing for the students.

Due to student privacy regulations, the details of the expulsions were not provided to the public.

Mahle voted against the expulsions.