Shippenville proclaims Foodstock Month

By Brett Kriebel



As has been common in the past, Shippenville Borough council members officially proclaimed the month of September as Foodstock Month in the borough during its Aug. 28 meeting.

An official proclamation from Shippenville Borough mayor Eric Sterner stated:

"I, Eric Sterner, as mayor of the borough of Shippenville hereby proclaim on behalf of Shippenville Borough Council and its residents that in honor of the of the outstanding efforts of the many volunteers and generous business' of our community collecting for the Foodstock Committee's 2019 food drive to stock local food pantries.

"These efforts are indeed worthy of praise and recognition. Community awareness and participation is indeed key to the collection efforts.

"The residents of Shippenville borough are encouraged to aid in collecting the items for the families of Clarion County who are truly in need.

"Therefore, it is my pleasure to, by this proclamation, hereby designate September as Foodstock Month in the Borough of Shippenville, both in honor and support of your continued service to our community."

The countywide food drive held during Clarion's Autumn Leaf Festival collects non-perishable food items, benefiting local food banks.

Other news

lBorough secretary Jacqui Blose said councilman Craig Lewis and borough maintenance supervisor Russ Rennard had spoken with Mike and Oanh Guntrum regarding Oanh's property having experienced heavy water drainage over several years.

The issue was first broached during borough's June session, when the borough was told a drain emptying onto Oanh's property had caused water to run about three feet deep across the property, flooding a crawl space under the house in the process.

According to Blose, a consensus on what could be done about the issue was not reached during Lewis and Rennard's meeting with Oanh and Mike Guntrum, who were expected to, but did not, attend the Aug. 28 meeting.

lCouncil member Steve Brocious told the board he has been impressed with the condition of the borough's garage.

"I want to make sure it's know that I'm impressed with how the garage looks with what Russ has done," Brocious said. "It is clean and the truck is shining. I'm really impressed. You always hear the negative, but it's good to hear the positive."

lBlose told the board the borough's PSAB unemployment compensation plan rate has remained the same.

lThe borough received a thank-you note from Kathy Barrett regarding its sponsorship of veteran graves at Arlington National Cemetery.

Council members Rose Schreckengost, Dutch Robertson and Gary Dittman were absent during the roughly 20 minute proceedings.

Council member Craig Lewis participated via telephone.

Council next meets at 7 p.m. Sept. 25 in the borough building.