Who will pay the bill?

By Randy L. Lemmon


By the way, who is going to pay back all of the trillions of dollars Sleepy Joe is spending? Democrats want you to believe they are going to take it from the rich people. Don't believe it, in the end everyone who earns a paycheck will end up paying one way or another.

I've never understood the Democrats hatred of successful people.

Bill Gates has more money than almost everyone -- does that mean he should pay more for a gallon of milk? Here is probably the worst irony the Democrat Party lead by Sleepy, Chucky and Crazy Nancy Pelosi promoted the defunding of law enforcement at every turn last fall proposing to limit techniques and equipment that police have used to protect us common citizens.

It has worked really well in Portland where police response time has risen from two and half minutes to eight. More cops retire every day and the people are afraid to walk the streets at night.

Now, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has passed a bill to spend $1.9 billion to provide Capitol police with some of the very equipment they don't want local police to have because it's more important to protect politicians than the common folk.

Maybe their model was the brown shirts created in 1925 Berlin to protect Hitler.

They really do need a well-funded well trained paramilitary organization to protect them from us common folk. In the Capitol protest there was zero, zip, nada legislators injured.

The cause of every death at the Capitol protest -- even Officer Sicknick as his autopsy proved -- was natural causes except for the unarmed woman shot in the face by Capitol police.

Why doesn't every man, woman and child in America know the name of the cop who shot her like we do Officer Chauvin? I don't understand why an unarmed woman was killed by the police but her own actions started the chain of events that led to her death.

There should be an investigation of the Capitol protest as soon as they finished the one that explains why protesters were allowed to loot and burn cities last summer.