Liberal hypocrisy is stunning

By Rick Rathfon


It never ceases to amaze me how liberals like to rewrite history. In her recent letters Christine Adams talked about Trump's "concentration camps."

Those so-called concentration camps were built by her favorite president, Barack Hussein Obama.

She also quotes numerous bible verses touting her Christian values.

But liberal Democrats believe it's OK to murder babies up to and including birth.

I don't know how any Christian, in good conscience, could ever vote for a pro-choice Democrat but it happens all the time.

So it's OK for our southern border to be invaded and children being used as pawns to help illegal invaders gain entrance into our country and it's also OK for Planned Parenthood to murder millions of babies.

The hypocrisy is stunning and spewing bible verses can't mask their disastrous liberal leanings.

I care for the people in our country, our veterans, our precious unborn and I will vote for those values in 2019 and 2020.

The author is the chair of the Clarion County Republican Committee.